Firstly, wow its been a long time since we posted! Apologies to the moon and back, but it was a crazy end of 2014 and a fabulously fun start to 2015! So much has happened in the past year! we've moved - a few times in fact - and finally landed in our beloved warehouse in Elsternwick, where things are getting super exciting.

Finally I have space that allows for all my creative endeavours, be it florals, textile design, painting, illustrating, sculpturing! Its all happpening.

We have some beloved friends moving on and some fabulous new people coming on board to help us make your weddings and events super floral gorgeous.

2015 is a year of implementing our plans and I can not wait to get my hands dirty and get stuck in. I'm doing all the things I've talked about, mulled over and tinkered with for way too long. I've even joined a GYM! Oh my Oh my! And I am actually going and enjoying it - go figure!

For many years I have wanted to spend more time painting and creating art; I'm also tired of people asking me when im going to start selling my work (!!) so peeps this year its happening. Im taking a leap and bringing together my artwork from the AMY WRIGHT studio and my love of all things floral with WUNDERPLANT. 

You can see the workings at WWW.AMYWRIGHT.COM.AU and on our insts feed @WUNDERPLANT

There's going be

New websites

New artworks and creative collaborations and projects

New textile product ranges

New Classes with a botanic bent

and who knows what else we'll be doing and with whom.  

2015 is about taking a chance, taking a risk and seeing where we land.